ATOMIC Fireballs - Fireball Candy Bulk - 1 LB - Hot Jawbreakers - Individually Wrapped - Spicy Red Hot Cinnamon Hard Candy

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  • Atomic Fire Balls Candy Bulk - Jawbreakers candy are the perfect size jaw breakers for any time of the day. These red hot fireballs are not sugar free, but they are small and delightful. Perfect for sharing with friends and family
  • ferrara pan atomic fireball - These delicious Atomic fireballs are not big jawbreakers candy, but they pack a punch! Atomic Fireball are Individually wrapped, perfect for on the go treat.
  • Ferrara Atomic Fireballs Have that Intense, fiery cinnamon flavor that you remember from your childhood. This Nostalgiac Candy is the mouth-igniting, sweat-inducing sweets that give you a red-hot experience that keeps you coming back again and again!
  • Classic American Candy - If you like red hots cinnamon candy or cinnamon jolly ranchers hard candy then you will love these mini jawbreakers candy, Each hot jawbreaker Spicy Candy will set your mouth on fire - just like red hots candy!
  • Fire Balls Hard Candy - Turn up the heat with an explosive experience - Atomic Fireballs are the original crazy-intense cinnamon candy. This Red Candy is Perfect for Halloween, Goodie Bags and Parties. Buy in bulk and save!
Flavor Cinnamon
Unit Count 16.0 Ounce
Number of Items 1
Occasion Halloween

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ATOMIC Fireballs - Fireball Candy Bulk - 1 LB - Hot Jawbreakers - Individually Wrapped - Spicy Red Hot Cinnamon Hard Candy

The original super intense cinnamon candy. If you are bold and daring and prefer things Hot!! Hot! Hot! then Atomic Fireball is the perfect candy for you. Queen Jax sells this spicy treat individually wrapped in a 1, 2 and 4 pound bulk package so there’s plenty for sharing and daring others to withstand the heat. The Atomic Fireball is hot! There is no arguing that. But What makes these flaming hot and spicy sweet candies so dang fuego? The secret is the use of capsaicin, the naturally-occurring compound that makes jalapenos and chilis spicy. At around 3500 Scoville Heat units, we dare you to eat more than one-how much hot can you handle? Go ahead and heat things up with Ferrara Pan Atomic Fireballs. Order today and enjoy this spicy hot ball of sweet, burning, cinnamon deliciousness. How much hot can you handle? Small on the go packaging. Perfect for snacks in lunchboxes, pockets, goodie bags, and birthday parties. All of our candy is fresh from the manufacturer, packaged and shipped to you daily. Gluten-Free, Free of Common Allergens. You will receive 1 Pound of delicious candy! Thank you for supporting our family owned business.