GoBeDo Collagen Granola - Strawberry & Almond - 7 x 25g Bags Deliciously Healthy High Protein Cereal - Low-Carb Keto Clusters - No Added Sugar & Gluten-Free - Supports Skin, Joints, Bones & Hair

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  • ✔️ 10G COLLAGEN: This high-protein granola contains 10 grams of natural collagen from hydrolysed peptides, which can be great for your health. Collagen is known to support hair and nail health, while also contributing to clear skin and fighting acne. It's also known to generally supplement overall health, cell-repair cycles, bone density, and aid the metabolism.
  • ✔️ 15G PROTEIN: Eating high protein food is important for muscle growth and repair, which is why we pack this low-carb cereal alternative with a whopping 15 grams of it per portion. This provides you with plenty of protein for a fruitful rest and recovery period after exercising, as well as for day-to-day life.
  • ✔️ STRAWBERRY & ALMOND: This keto-friendly cereal alternative comes in our delicious natural strawberry and almond variation. The almond nut add some welcome crunch, fibre, protein, and healthy fats to the mix, while the dried strawberries provide vitamins and a wonderful burst of fruity flavour.
  • ✔️ LOW-CALORIE: Each portion of this high-protein cereal alternative contains only 105 calories, making it a great superfood snack for a light breakfast or afternoon nibble. You can get a good amount of your daily protein, and a valuable burst of collagen without making a dent in your daily calorie allowance. This makes this a perfect choice for anyone on a calorie controlled diet.
  • ✔️ GLUTEN-FREE & NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURINGS: When designing our healthy snacks for adults we make sure that they're completely gluten-free and free from any artificial flavourings. This allows those with a gluten-free diet to enjoy our products, as well as feel confident that the great taste comes from entirely natural sources.
Flavor Strawberry & Almond
Allergen Information Almonds
Package Information Bag
Package Weight 0.31 Kilograms

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GoBeDo Collagen Granola - Strawberry & Almond - 7 x 25g Bags Deliciously Healthy High Protein Cereal - Low-Carb Keto Clusters - No Added Sugar & Gluten-Free - Supports Skin, Joints, Bones & Hair

GoBeDo Collagen Granola - Strawberry & Almond Introducing Collagen Granola from GoBeDo, the gluten-free cereal alternative that’s perfect for breakfast, or a snack at any time. This low-carb snack is packed with protein and collagen to help your body repair and maintain. The protein is important to support healthy muscle growth and restoration, while collagen has numerous benefits, including anti-ageing properties for the skin. With 15 grams of protein in just one portion, you can use this granola as a powerful bulk post-workout snack or meal to help your body recover energy. Each pack is also loaded with 10 grams of collagen, in the form of hydrolysed peptides that are easy to absorb. This can support not only the health and hydration of your skin but also benefits your bones, joints, hair, and nails, not to mention all the work it does on the inside. Even with all this nutritional value, 1 portion of granola only amounts to 105 calories, great for a low-intake diet or light snack. We’re proud to say that this is a gluten-free granola that contains no artificial flavourings, so you can enjoy the delicious strawberry and almond flavours of this healthy snack with confidence that it’s free from nasty ingredients. Feel the benefits of collagen and protein with this Granola. Ingredients Bovine Collagen Peptides, Bovine Gelatine, Water Strawberry and Almond