Incredi-Bowl Chocolate Crunch (4 count pack)

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  • Incredi-Bowl Chocolate Crunch is a deliciously crunchy gluten free cereal that is made with real cocoa and is an excellent source of protein. This grain free cereal is keto friendly, with7g net carbs, and is an excellent source of calcium. *See nutrition information for fat and calorie content. Consult a physician before starting an eating plan including regular consumption of foods that are higher in fat."
  • Incredi-Bowl keto cereal is a great keto friendly snack to enjoy at breakfast time, as a post-workout snack, or late night treat anytime you crave a delicious chocolatey snack. Packed with protein and taste without sacrificing flavor.
  • Packed with 15g of protein per serving – Our high protein cereal is high in taste and perfect for a filling breakfast, snack, or post-workout meal.
  • Incredi-Bowl isn’t just a great-tasting gluten free cereal – try it out in your next high-protein recipe or as a topping for your high-protein yogurt
  • Try all flavors of Incredi-Bowl cereal – you are sure to find a gluten free keto friendly cereal variety that you’ll love! Incredi-Bowl Frosted Flakes and Incredi-Bowl Honey Nut Hoops are both high protein cereals that are keto friendly and big on taste!
Flavor Chocolate crunch
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Incredi-Bowl Chocolate Crunch (4 count pack)

New from Post, the Cereal Experts, comes Incredi-Bowl keto friendly cereal! You no longer need to sacrifice flavor to eat a high protein cereal - Incredi-Bowl Chocolate Crunch tastes like your favorite breakfast staple and is a gluten free cereal. It’s made with real cocoa and is an excellent source of protein. Incredi-Bowl is a grain free cereal that is keto friendly with 7g net carbs. Incredi-Bowl Chocolate Crunch is also an excellent source of calcium and a good source of fiber. What more could you want in a crunchy keto friendly snack? Enjoy this high protein cereal at breakfast time, after your workout, as a late-night delight, or anytime you need a snack or a keto friendly snack. Add more protein to your day by using Incredi-Bowl Chocolate Crunch as an ingredient in your favorite protein treat recipe, or as a crunchy topping for your ice cream or yogurt. There is no wrong way to enjoy this grain free cereal. Incredi-Bowl Chocolate Crunch is a delicious keto friendly cereal that is packed with protein and delicious chocolatey taste.