Lil Bucks Paleo Cereal - Sprouted Buckwheat Groats, Gluten Free Granola (CACAO, 3 Pack)

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  • 💙 GLUTEN-FREE AND PALEO FRIENDLY — Lil Bucks Sprouted Buckwheat Crunch is made for those who enjoy a crunch but don’t want all the added sugars, grains and nuts normally found in their granola.
  • 💙 ADD A CRUNCH TO ANYTHING — These superseeds are most popularly enjoyed on smoothies, yogurt and oatmeal, but we also see them on toasts, in protein balls, on pancakes and more. The crunch is addictive 🤤
  • 💙 GET THINGS MOVIN’ WITH 5G FIBER + 6G PLANT-BASED PROTEIN — Seriously, you’ll be satisfied for hours after consuming 6g of complete amino acid protein found naturally in sprouted buckwheat, plus 5g of fiber for the perfect gut-healthy breakfast.
  • 💙 REDUCE STRESS WITH ADAPTOGENS —Not only do we harness the power of sprouted buckwheat in everything we make, but we try to take our products next-level by using adaptogenic ingredients that help your body manage stress at a micro-nutrient level. Cacao Lil Bucks contains mood-boosting Maca and antioxidant-packed Cinnamon.
  • 💙 CAN WE GET AN AMEN TO LOW SUGAR?? — Why is it so hard to find a granola made with organic ingredients that has less than, say, 6g of sugar in it? Well, we are making that solution pretty easy with Cacao only containing 3g of sugar per 1/4 cup coming from the maple syrup. You get the flavor and crunch without unnecessary sugars. YOU’RE WELCOME 🤗
Brand Lil Bucks
Flavor CACAO
Allergen Information Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Tree Nut Free, Peanut Free
Package Information Cup
Package Weight 0.45 Kilograms

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Lil Bucks Paleo Cereal - Sprouted Buckwheat Groats, Gluten Free Granola (CACAO, 3 Pack)

➜ PROTEIN-PACKED, RAW, VEGAN, PALEO, LOW SUGAR, SPROUTED SUPERFOOD SEEDS. The seeds (which are actually fruit seeds) are sprouted and dehydrated buckwheat groats; sprouting releases enzyme inhibitors, which allows our bodies to better absorb the amazing nutrients and antioxidants in the seeds! After the seeds are soaked, they are dehydrated to preserve their nutrients and give the Lil Bucks their crispy, delicious texture and nutty taste. ➜ BUCKWHEAT IS HIGH IN PROTEIN. Lil Bucks naturally contain 6g of plant-based protein from the buckwheat. Buckwheat has as much protein as quinoa, but you can eat in a crunchy more versatile form. ➜ BUCKWHEAT IS LOW-GLYCEMIC. While living in Australia I had this amazing sustained energy after eating an acai bowl topped with buckwheat groats. The sustained energy was in part thanks to the low-glycemic nature of the buckwheat granola replacement. My rise in blood sugar was more gradual after consuming a serving of buckwheat, which means the energy released more steadily throughout the day, leaving me satisfied for longer (rather than having your standard smoothie/yogurt bowl with granola, when you’re hungry again in about an hour). ➜ SPROUTED BUCKWHEAT GIVES YOU THE PERFECT CRUNCHY TEXTURE OF YOUR DREAMZ. This all comes back to taste. On its own, sprouted buckwheat has a nice, nutty grain-like taste, and it holds its crunch perfectly in dishes but softly disintegrates right when you bite it. I highly encourage you to try topping your smoothies, yogurts, oatmeal, desserts, ice cream, salads, ANYTHING with Lil Bucks so you can experience this dreamy crunch! ➜ SPROUTED BUCKWHEAT IS HIGH IN ANTIOXIDANTS + MAGNESIUM. Buckwheat is known as one of the most antioxidant-dense ancient seeds. Antioxidants = anti-aging, energy-boosting, immune-preserving goodness! These also contain 25% of your daily value of magnesium -- amazing.