Morelli Truffle Tagliolini Italian Pasta - Gourmet Pasta - Handmade in Small Batches - Imported Italian Pasta Noodles - Durum Wheat Semolina Pasta - 8.8 Ounce / 250g (2 Pack)

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  • GOURMET ITALIAN TRUFFLE TAGLIOLINI - Handmade Italian pasta with durum wheat semolina (including the wheat germ which naturally contains vitamin A, D, E, and vegetable protein).made from all natural ingredients, flavored with real truffles, No GMO's
  • REAL BLACK TRUFFLE - Morelli summer truffle pasta contains high quality, locally sourced, all natural ingredients.
  • HEALTHY - High in protein, this truffle pasta is made with durum wheat that is high in protein, making this heirloom pasta from Italy a great way to get more protein into your day and stay full for a longer.
  • VERSATILE - Use in dishes with a touch of olive oil, garlic, and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. Tagliolini is a bit thinner then tagliatelle pasta and very similar to fettuccine in width.
  • MADE IN ITALY - Authentic tagliolini noodles made in the ancient Morelli Pasta Factory since 1860. This Italian egg truffle pasta is made in small batches to insure high quality.


Flavor Tagliolini
Weight 1.3 Pounds
Allergen Information Dairy Free, Eggs, Peanut Free

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    Morelli Truffle Tagliolini Italian Pasta - Gourmet Pasta - Handmade in Small Batches - Imported Italian Pasta Noodles - Durum Wheat Semolina Pasta - 8.8 Ounce / 250g (2 Pack)

    Gourmet Truffle Pasta. All the flavor of homemade pasta with truffles and wheat germ sets this tagliolini heirloom pasta apart from all others. Wheat germ is the heart of the grain of wheat, rich in flavor and nourishing active ingredients. The wheat germ contains vitamins A, D, and E and also provides a wonderful aroma while cooking. Wheat germ gives the cooking water a slightly green hue making cooking Morelli?s fresh pasta a completely unique experience. The durum wheat semolina is thicker than most pasta, able to absorb sauces well, and gives more succulent and full-bodied wheat flavor to your meals.Versatile and Healthy. Our truffle tagliolini pasta is flavored with real summer truffles and can be used in classic Italian dishes. It is especially good served al dente with just a touch of olive oil and garlic and paired with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. The truffle pasta also holds up beautifully in more complex meals with vegetables, meats, or seafood added to it. Durum wheat semolina is a healthy choice for pasta as it is very high in protein and low in gluten. Morelli tagliolini cooks to a perfect al dente in 5 minutes.Imported From Italy. Morelli has been creating gourmet Italian pasta in Tuscany since 1860 and is a family-run company with the 5th generation currently preserving the traditions their ancestors put into place. They utilize an artisanal method of reincorporating wheat germ into semolina to create their pasta with a unique taste and the aroma of wheat. Their pasta also has a high level of Vitamin A and D due to their unusual ingredients.Morelli offers classic and traditional types of pasta such as Tacconi, Pici di Siena, and Tagliatelle. They also have pasta that features aromas such as saffron, Boletus mushrooms, and sepia in order to offer a full and comprehensive range of pasta products. Morelli?s pasta is something else!