Anahola Granola Trail Mix 24 oz | Snacks Variety Pack For Adults | Healthy Snacks For Kids | Healthy Snack Box | Low Calorie Snacks | Cereal

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  • 🌴 ENJOY GREAT TASTING GRANOLA THAT IS GOOD FOR YOU - Upgrade your mornings and get the best of both worlds with Anahola Granola’s Trail Mix Flavor. Indulge in flavor packed granola while being satisfied that you are making a smart choice for your body.
  • 🌴 BREAKFAST ALTERING EXPERIENCE - You’ll be shocked that you ever ate anything else for breakfast. Experience pure morning bliss as you savor a luxurious combination of flavor. Our granola is perfect for yogurt, on milk, and we even think it is good enough to enjoy plain.
  • 🌴 A FLAVOR PACKED MEDLEY - Anahola Granola is sure to bring some tropical warmth to any table. Enjoy a perfect balance of hand-cut oats, sunflower seeds, coconut, almonds, pumpkin seeds, raisins, dried papaya & pineapple slices, banana chips and Hawaiian honey that tastes great and makes you feel even better.
  • 🌴 WHEAT FREE WITH ZERO ADDED SUGAR - Eat the way you want without having to compromise. You won’t miss less healthy alternatives one bit. Customers rave that our granola tastes even better than competitor’s high sugar options.
  • 🌴 MEET THE GRANOLA THAT WILL FILL YOU UP - Feel great in your breakfast choice as Anahola Granola fills you up in no time. No more stress about overeating means your day will get off to the amazing start that you deserve.
Brand Anahola Granola
Flavor Trail mix
Weight 24 Ounces
Package Information Box
Package Weight 0.7 Kilograms

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Anahola Granola Trail Mix 24 oz | Snacks Variety Pack For Adults | Healthy Snacks For Kids | Healthy Snack Box | Low Calorie Snacks | Cereal

Healthy Granola That Tastes Great!Anahola Granola is amazing tasting granola that is actually good for you! Try our Trail Mix Flavor to experience the great taste of granola, nutritious seeds, and coconut! Our naturally made granola also works as a great fiber cereal and is perfect for low sugar snacks! We have a passion for healthy foods that taste great and our organic granola paired with our organic dried fruit mix encapsulates this perfectly! Granola From Our Family To Yours!Anahola Granola was founded by Becky Burns in 1986 and remains in the Burns Family to this day! In 1986 Becky was a single mother with a 2 year old daughter to support. Living in a small house tucked into the deep canyon in Anahola Valley on the east side of Kauai, she often served her granola to friends who stopped by her house. Everyone loved its light, crunchy sweetness. The Christmas of 1986, Becky made a few pounds of granola, dry fruit scooped it into hand-labeled zip lock bags, and took them to the local fairs. Anahola Granola has been Hawaiian's Favorite fruity snacks ever since!Granola, As Versatile As They Come!It is no secret we love granola, but we truly believe granola can be enjoyed any time with anyone! Our granola works perfect as a high fiber cereal for a healthy breakfast, as breakfast snacks, granola bites on the go, travel snacks, lunch snacks, kids snacks, snacks for men, pantry snacks for dad, healthy snacks for adults, gourmet snacks, high fiber snacks for adults, the perfect snack food, a healthy snack pack, vegetarian snacks, camping snacks, protein snacks, and the perfect snacks! We could keep going!! The best thing is you can enjoy the great taste of granola even easier with grocery delivery to home by Amazon Prime!