Seitenbacher Muesli Cereal #1 - Natural Body Power - Peanuts & Apples, 16 Oz (Pack Of 6)

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  • Muesli natural body power is packed with whole grain Spelt, whole hazelnuts, apples and raisins for sweetness.
  • Seitenbacher is known for producing all natural, clean and healthy products. We don’t use preservatives, artificial ingredients or GMO’s
  • No time to prepare food…no problem! Just add milk (or whatever you prefer) and you are ready to enjoy it
  • Because we don’t use preservatives, our mueslis are packaged in a thick, durable foil that is also airtight, to ensure that the ingredients stay fresh
  • Please take the time and read what other satisfied customers have to say about our mueslis. If you love our products we would appreciate your comments
Brand Seitenbacher
Flavor #1 Natural Body Power
Allergen Information Hazelnuts
Weight 6.8 Pounds
Package Weight 3.11 Kilograms

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Imported from USA

Seitenbacher Muesli Cereal #1 - Natural Body Power - Peanuts & Apples, 16 Oz (Pack Of 6)

Seitenbacher is an all natural food manufacturer located in South Germany, founded by willi pfannenschwarz in 1980.His bestseller was a mix of whole grains, dried fruits, nuts and seeds known as Muesli. Today's food is heavily processed, many food manufacturers use preservatives, artificial ingredients and other unnatural components. Seitenbacher believes that natural grown ingredients are perfect the way they are, that is why we simply Clean and package them to ensure a 100% natural product. The result is a delicious and nutritious breakfast alternative that takes almost no time to prepare, just add some milk or yogurt (or whatever your prefer). Seitenbacher Muesli is the perfect breakfast for anybody who has a busy morning routine and lives a healthy lifestyle.