Ultra Foskrol Dietary Supplement 10 Drinkable Vials

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  • NERVOUS SYSTEM HEALTH: The fantastic combination of vitamin B complex and glutamic acid is the perfect tool to fight against nervousness and stress. It can prevent the burnout effect and fatigue by helping maintain the nervous cell health. Also, it can improve learning and memory by stimulating nerve cells.
  • GLUTAMIC ACID BENEFITS: Enriched with glutamic acid, our vitamin B complex stress formula can improve your overall health. The glutamic acid is the building block of proteins, necessary in increasing muscle tissue. Also, the formula can help in improving the immune system and intestinal function.
  • VITAMIN CONTENT: The dietary supplement contains vitamin B complex, B1, B6, B12, niacin, iron, and glutamic acid. This combination of vitamins and nutrients can improve your nervous system health, and a healthy mind is followed by a healthy body.
  • HEALTH EFFECTS: The nutritious blend in this dietary supplement can improve your cognitive functions, by stimulating memory and learning. Also, it can stimulate muscle growth, by helping in the protein formation. The supplement can help in reducing stress and anxiety, by stimulating the nerve cells.
  • ADMINISTRATION METHOD: Our nervous system health supplement is only suitable for adults. The recommended dose is 1 drinkable vial per day. In case of a greater requirement, the dose can be doubled.
Primary Supplement Type Vitamin-b
Brand Biokemical
Age Range (Description) Adult

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Ultra Foskrol Dietary Supplement 10 Drinkable Vials

Ultra Foskrol Dietary Supplement 10 Drinkable Vials