Verb Variety Pack - 15 Caffeinated Energy Bars in 3 Flavors - 90-Calorie Low Sugar Energy Bar - Nutrition Bars - Vegan Snacks - Gluten Free Breakfast Bars with Organic Green Tea, 22g (Pack of 15)

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  • Verb Bars for Balanced Energy: Made to speed you up, not to slow you down, Verb Bars are delicious energy snacks or nutrition bars that uplift you to a perfectly balanced energy level. Unlike other keto snacks or energy bars that rely on coffee, Verb Bars are made with Organic Green Tea for just as much caffeine as an espresso, and providing lasting energy without the shakes, jitters or crashes
  • Low Calorie Low Sugar, High Nutrition Bar: While common protein bars, fiber bars and breakfast bars are heavy on carbs & sugar to provide you with enough energy, Verb Bars are designed to be simple, delicious, and clean. They're diet-friendly energy bars that have just the right amount of sweetness (at 5-6g of total sugars) and only 90 calories per serving--making for the perfect hunger-busting snack bar that won't jeopardize your fitness goals
  • Vegan Energy Bar Made w/ Simple Pantry Items: Since we created the first Verb Energy Bars four years ago, we've vowed only to use naturally energizing, yet simple ingredients that will keep a pep in your step all day long. Besides the organic green tea caffeine, we use organic agave, gluten-free oats, organic crisp brown rice, pink Himalayan salt and light brown sugar to make sure each vegan bar is deliciously good for you
  • Caffeinated Energy Bars in 3 Unquestionably Delicious Flavors: Whether you're in need of a keto snack, low protein bar or a low calorie breakfast bar, our tasty snack bar won't fail in keeping hangry stomach growls at bay. Give yourself a treat and have a taste of our crowd-favorite flavors--Chocolate Chip Banana Bread, Vanilla Latte and Cookie Butter. All these 3 gluten free vegan nutrition bars still have 65mg of clean caffeine and only 90 calories.
  • Crave-Worthy Snack Bars for a Daily Energy Essential: At Verb Energy, it's been our mission to radiate energy that lights you from the inside and moves you into a moment of life that's more vibrant, bright and positive. By making delicious low sugar energy bars, keto snack bars, or vegan friendly organic bars that you can stash in your pocket anytime, we hope to help keep you energetic and happy
Flavor Variety Pack
Brand Verb Caffeinated Energy Bar
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Type Energy

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Verb Variety Pack - 15 Caffeinated Energy Bars in 3 Flavors - 90-Calorie Low Sugar Energy Bar - Nutrition Bars - Vegan Snacks - Gluten Free Breakfast Bars with Organic Green Tea, 22g (Pack of 15)

While we all love having a cup of coffee or two, loading up on caffeine simply won't cut it if you want to stay on top of your game. To fuel a clean and active lifestyle, you need a nutritious energy source that will sustain you and radiate positivity and motivation from within. Simple. Thoughtfully Energizing. Unquestionably Delicious.--That's all we want for our energy bars. Designed to speed you up and not slow you down, our 90-calorie energy bars have just as much caffeine as an espresso but without the shakes, crashes or jitters. Why? Because unlike most energy fiber bars, keto bars, breakfast bars, or nutrition bars that rely on coffee or sugar, these are made with caffeine from organic green tea to provide you with naturally long-lasting energy. May it be for a midday pick-me-up, a quickie brekky, or a food emergency, grab a delicious energy bar from Verb Energy. And to make them as crave-worthy, addicting and undoubtedly satisfying like “most” protein bars, keto bars, granola bars, or meal replacement bars say they are, our energy bars are available in 12 decadent flavors, including this Variety Pack of 15 Verb Bars in our top 3 crowd-pulling flavors: Chocolate Chip Banana Bread, Vanilla Latte, and Cookie Butter. Verb Bars are proudly made with simple ingredients easily found in your kitchen, like: Gluten-Free Oats- for a great source of fiber, vitamins & minerals Organic Agave- as a natural sweetener with a low glycemic index & reduced calorie count Organic Crisp Brown Rice- high in magnesium and fiber, adding a fun crunch in every bite Pink Himalayan Salt- contains calcium, iron, potassium & magnesium, and lower in sodium than regular table salt Organic Light Brown Sugar- to help boost energy levels and aid in digestion With Non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan ingredients, just the right amount of sweetness, a delightfully soft texture with an enjoyable crunch, and a small enough size to stash in your pocket, what’s not to love about a Verb Energy Bar?