Caramel Flavored Chocolate Chips , Non Dairy, Kosher - 9 oz. - Baker's Choice

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  • PERFECT FOR BAKING: Baker’s Choice chocolate chips add texture and delicious flavor to baked treats. They’re perfect for melting to make chocolate dip or coating. Perfect for cookies, chocolate-flavored cakes, cupcakes or brownies.
  • RICH & DELICIOUS TASTE: These candy chips are perfect for chocolate lovers. They’re perfect for sprinkling over a variety of desserts like ice cream or frozen yogurt. The creamy and sweet flavor perfectly complements your favorite treats.
  • GOURMET SPRINKLES: Turn your kitchen into your very own ice cream parlor. It’s the perfect sundae topping and it’s certified kosher. Use these chocolate chips for pancakes, waffles, scones, and other pastries. They are available in 14 different flavors.
  • RESEALABLE CONTAINER: Convenient plastic container makes it easy to use and store. The sprinkle top lid makes it easy to add just the right amount of these delectable chocolate chips to all of your favorite snacks, recipes, treats and desserts.
  • QUALITY & FRESHNESS: Baker’s Choice sources the world for unique flavors to provide our customers with quality ingredients and gourmet toppings. Our resalable containers preserve the freshness and make baking and cooking easy.

This product is imported from USA

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Caramel Flavored Chocolate Chips , Non Dairy, Kosher - 9 oz. - Baker's Choice

Baker’s Choice Flavored Chips is the missing ingredient for all of your favorite snacks, baked goods, treats and pastries. It makes all of your favorite desserts more delicious and flavorful. Whether you’re baking your signature cookies or making a sweet coating it’s exactly what you need to make everything extra yummy. Mix it in batters or sprinkle it over ice cream sundaes, frozen yogurt and cakes. It’s a great ice cream topping and can be blended in milkshakes or smoothies. Don’t bake without Baker’s Choice! PRODUCT FEATURES: Great for Cookies Perfect for Baking Certified Kosher 9 oz. A BAKERS DREAM! This versatile baking ingredient is a must-have for professional or home bakers. Use it to make cookies, muffins, brownies, cupcakes, pancakes, pastries and other tasty treats. With our quality dessert chips, you can effortlessly elevate the taste and flavor of your signature treats. Melt it for dipping and coating or use it to make your own truffles and chocolates. It’s great for making granola bars and other snack mixes. AVAILABLE IN 14 FLAVORS: Chocolate Flavored Chips (9 oz.) Extra Mini Chocolate Flavored Chips (9 oz.) Chocolate Chips (9 oz.) Extra Mini Chocolate Chips (9 oz.) Maxi Chocolate Chips (9 oz.) Chocolate Flavored Chips (9 oz. Bag) Chocolate Chips (9 oz. Bag) Cappuccino Chips (9 oz.) Caramel Chips (9 oz.) Nougat Chips (9 oz.) Peanut Butter Chips (9 oz.) White Chips (9 oz.) Rainbow Candy Chips (11 oz.) Sugar-Free Chocolate Chips (9 oz.) ABOUT US At Baker’s Choice, we believe it’s all about quality. Established in 1997, we’ve been working hard to provide ready-made baking ingredients for our customers. We source the globe for a unique variety of premium quality ingredients to make our toppings and dessert decorations. You can count on our fresh ingredients to make your signature treats even more delicious.