Quoc Viet Foods Vegetarian "Pho" Soup Base 10oz Cot Pho Chay Brand

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Brand Quoc Viet Foods
Flavor Vegetarian
Package Information Cup
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Weight 10 Ounces

  • Quoc Viet Foods Vegetarian Pho Soup
  • Quoc Viet Foods - Simple & Authentic!
  • Natural ingredients with no preservatives
  • No Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)
  • Made in the USA, Certified Vegan

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Quoc Viet Foods Vegetarian "Pho" Soup Base 10oz Cot Pho Chay Brand

There's nothing like enjoying a bowl of vegetarian pho with friends and family in the comfort of your own home. However traditional cooking methods for Vietnamese chicken soup require lots of "know how" plus about 5 hours prep time. Quoc Viet Foods has achieved the impossible, that is to "convert the traditional Vietnamese Cuisine into a convenient form" while maintaining the aromatic delicious flavors expected of such a dish. We've eliminated all the guess-work out of preparing these flavorful dishes. This means for those who never made or tasted Vietnamese soup you can now get the real thing, easily and quickly. For those who want to enjoy a bowl of authentic tasting Vietnamese soups and shave off a few hours of cooking -- try our Quoc Viet Foods Chicken Soup Base Our goal is Simple; we provide convenient products with an Authentic taste. Our slogan, Simple & Authentic! reflects the company's concept and image. Make sure to try out our other flavors as well! Quoc Viet Foods have 17 different flavors of soup bases and seasonings available for your enjoyment: 1. Beef Flavored "Pho" Soup Base 2. Chicken Flavored "Pho" Soup Base 3. Beef Stew Seasoning 4. "Hue" Style Beef Flavored Soup Base 5. Chicken Flavored Soup Base 6. Pork Flavored "Hu Tieu" Soup Base 7. Pork Flavored Soup Base 8. Tamarind Soup Base 9. Vegetarian Soup Base 10. Crab Flavored Soup Base 11. Thai Tom Yum Soup Base 12. Wonton Soup Base 13. Beef Flavored Stew Base 14. Vegetarian Pho Soup Base 15. Curry Soup Base 16. Vegetarian "Hue" Soup Base 17. Vegetarian "Hu Tieu" Soup Base