True Primal Roasted/Tuscan Chicken Variety 8-pack, Ready to eat, Gluten free, Paleo, Pastured chicken, Whole30, Keto, Bone broth

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Note: This product is imported from the United States of America.

  • 4 pouches of True Primal Roasted Chicken Soup. 4 pouches of True Primal Tuscan-Style Chicken Soup.
  • Gluten free, paleo, Whole30 Approved meal, ready to eat in just minutes.
  • Shelf-stable with no refrigeration for work/pantry/school/office/travel.
  • Packed with roasted chicken and veggies, for great taste and more good nutrition.
  • True Primal Soup is just the good stuff. It's full of meaty vegetably goodness, without the artificial junk found in most soups/stocks/broths. Finally, there's a hearty ready-to-eat soup you can keep on hand for any time, that's great through and through!

This product is imported from USA

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True Primal Roasted/Tuscan Chicken Variety 8-pack, Ready to eat, Gluten free, Paleo, Pastured chicken, Whole30, Keto, Bone broth

WE BRING YOU THE HIGHEST QUALITY INGREDIENTS, AND NOTHING ARTIFICIAL. HEARTY & DELICIOUS Premium soups, with the delicious tastes of pasture-raised chicken and organic veggies, in rich chicken bone broth, seasoned with natural spices. GLUTEN-FREE & PALEO Beyond gluten free, entirely grain free. Paleo friendly, and good for many specific diets. PASTURED CHICKEN Our chicken meat is beyond free-range: it comes from 100% pastured, high-welfare, heritage breed chickens that are GAP-4 certified. We use more of the whole bird - white and dark meat with skin for more balanced nutrition and flavor. No antibiotics administered ever. No hormones administered ever. NO PREP WORK We did the cooking! Just heat and serve. No refrigeration necessary means our soups are great for grab and go - whether you're off to school, work, the gym - or just your couch. EASY TO PREPARE AT HOME OR ON THE GO! STOVETOP-READY IN MINUTES Tear open the pouch and pour the soup into a stovetop pan. Warms up in just a few minutes. Fill your kitchen with the delicious aroma of soup - a hearty meal in just minutes. MICROWAVE APPR. 1 MINUTE Microwave directly in the pouch or pour it in a bowl first. If you tear off the top, the pouch itself can even be used as a bowl - perfect for an office break. Ready in approximately one minute, depending on the microwave. TRAVEL-FRIENDLY The pouches are lighter than cans, with less waste, so they're easier to pack and travel with. Also, the pouches flatten down when empty, making them convenient for camping or backpacking. Beyond free-range, beyond organic. Our chickens are 100% pastured, with unrestricted access to a woodsy 800-acre outdoor haven. This traditional, integrated style of farming focuses on soil health and animal welfare, bringing out the old-school flavor of real chicken. These chickens are special slow-growing heritage breeds, raised without any antibiotics or medications whatsoever.